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Company Profile

Kapoor Glass is India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality glass ampoules, tubular vials, perfume samplers and laboratory test tubes. We have over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of primary packaging. With a manufacturing base in India, we are proud to serve 23 countries including highly regulated markets in the Americas, Europe, and Japan.

Our ethos is to merge technological innovation and efficient manufacturing processes to create high-quality primary packaging which guarantees the efficacy of injectables.

At Kapoor Glass, we are obsessed with quality; which is why all of our innovation is based on achieving a zero-defect product. We do this by automating and controlling all critical processes with the help of sophisticated vision systems. This not only allows us to offer the customer a product with tighter tolerances compared to international standards but also offers repeatability and consistency in dimensional tolerances.

We partner with leading glass vendors in Japan and Europe for high-quality USP Type 1 Neutral Borosilicate glass tubing to ensure compliance with all leading pharmacopeias and cosmetic standards.