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Our Quality Policy

Glass Ampoules and Vials are classified as Primary Packaging by the Pharmaceutical Industry.

As lifesaving drugs are in direct contact with the ampoule/vial and also the medical practitioner, quality is the foremost consideration in all decisions related to Customer service, Purchase, Production, and Delivery.

Quality not only means to meet and exceed customer specifications but also to educate the customer on the best possible products and solutions in order to equip and enable them to exceed their efficiencies, quality standards and goals.

At Kapoor Glass, we believe that people make the difference. Quality is achieved as a result of peoples’ actions and is, therefore, the responsibility of every member of the Kapoor Glass Team. Quality is built into our products through continuous efforts of monitoring and improving our inputs, processes, and controls to reduce variations and improve value to the Pharmaceutical companies.

Our areas of greatest importance and focus are quality, efficiencies, and timely delivery. Quality products and services are attained by preventing defects and errors. Prevention is only possible when processes are properly designed, controlled and improved.

Our objectives are defined, measured and charted to monitor our efforts towards continuous improvement.

Our commitment to our statement is evident in each and every Ampoule and Vial that is manufactured in our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.