Tubular Vials  

Kapoor Glass manufactures high quality ampoules on latest Servo Controlled German and Italian Lines for exceptional accuracy. Vials are produced with Japanese ‘Hot End’ Camera Vision systems for dimension inspection for all critical parameters.

Robotic loading directly from tube bundle and automatic feeding of Glass tubes minimizes human intervention and improves yield & efficiency whilst reducing scratches.

Glass tubes are sourced from High quality producers from Japan, USA & Italy.

Type of Vials (1 ml to 100ml)

  • Penicillin Neck
  • Screw Neck
  • Lyophilized
  • HPLC
  • Blow Back (American or European)

Vials can be manufactured as per DIN/ISO Specifications as well as customized to your requirement.

Additional Features Available

  • Internal Sulphur Treatment
  • Printing

Kapoor Glass follows the tightest EC AQL Limits and US Military Sampling plan to ensure consistently high quality supplies.