Kapoor Glass manufactures high-quality Ampoules on the latest European Lines.

All ampoules are produced with “Hot End” Closed Loop Camera Vision systems for inspection and dimension control to produce tolerances tighter than ISO standards. Robotic loading and automatic feeding of Glass tubes minimizes human intervention and improves yield and efficiency.

“Cold End Cosmetic Camera Inspection” systems equipped with multiple cameras inspect each ampoule for cosmetic defects and all lines terminate into Clean Rooms for the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene.


Type of Ampoules

  • Form B – Stem Cut

  • Form B – Flame Cut

  • Ford D – Rota/Closed

  • Form E – Marzocchi


Breaking Systems

  • Colour Break

  • One Point Cut (Dot & Cut with 100% Camera Inspection)

  • Scored (360 Degree Score Mark)


Additional Features Available

  • Up to 3 Identification Rings

  • Dimension+ (For Improved Tolerances as compared to ISO 9187:2010)

  • Optima Solution (With superior Surface Hydrolytic resistance for pH-sensitive drugs)

  • External Silicon Coating (For better cosmetic quality and smoother machine operation)

  • Internal Ammonium Sulphate treatment for de-alkalization of internal surface.

  • Screen Printing/Decoration with 100% Camera-based Vision Inspection.


Kapoor Glass follows the tightest EQ AQL Limits and US Military Sampling plan to ensure consistently high-quality supplies.