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Cartridges are used in Pen Injectors for self-administration of Injectable drugs, popularly in diabetes care for Insulin, and local anaesthetics by Dentists.

Speciality drugs require “Dual Chamber Cartridges” that come with a “Bypass” feature which allows reconstitution of the formulation before administration.

Glass Cartridges are governed by the following ISO Standards:

  • Glass Cartridges for Dental Local Anaesthetics – ISO 11040-1

  • Glass Cartridges for Pen Injections – ISO 13926-1

Features and Options

  • 100% in process Camera Inspection for Dimensional Tolerances

  • 100% in process Camera Inspection for Cosmetic Quality

  • Capacity up to 20ml

  • Customized Diameter and Length

  • Screen Printing

  • Identification Rings/Graduation

  • Dual Chamber/Bypass

  • Tightened Tolerances

  • External Silicon Coating to prevent scratches and minimize friction

  • Automatic Robotic Packing in Controlled Environment


Cartridges are Produced with No "Glass to Glass" contact in the entire production cycle to prevent scratches that can cause breakages inside pen injectors.

Cartridges are produced with speciality “Bore Controlled” tubing for a perfect fit between the glass barrel and rubber plunger.

Cartridges comply with PH.Eur., USP and JP international standards

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Cartridge Packing

Cartridge Packing

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