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Glass Ampoule.jpg

Kapoor Glass manufactures high-quality Ampoules on the latest European Lines.

Glass Vial.jpg

Tubular Vials are produced on state-of-art servo-controlled German and Italian Lines for exceptional accuracy.

Test Tube

Kapoor Glass manufactures a wide range of Test Tubes out of Borosilicate Glass, both 3,3 × 10-6K-1 as well as 5,0 × 10-6K-1Expansion.

Glass Cartridges.jpg

Used in Pen Injectors for self-administration of Injectable drugs, popularly in diabetes care for Insulin, and local anaesthetics by Dentists.

Easy Vial Yellow.jpg

Kapoor Glass partners with leading cosmetic companies to produce high quality, attractive and chic perfume samplers / testers.

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